Collaboration: Artist Allie J Carr

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Most of my childhood was spent at dance school followed by years studying design and printed textiles…. so you could say i’ve lived a pretty creative life up to now… So when the opportunity arose to combine the two together I jumped at at!

Alison J Carr is an artist and researcher inspired by 1930s showgirl pin-ups which she explores through photography, video, collages, performance and paintings.

Allie asked me to create print designs, inspired by the Bauhaus and theatre of 1920s and 30s. I considered the shapes and rich colours and created hand painted, paper cut collages for each design, this helped add an organic 3D quality to more structured forms. Our first design was in the form of 90cm square scarf which we printed onto silk. Digital printing retained some really lovely painted brushstrokes, emphasising the three dimensional layering.

The scarf was worn by each of the dancers in Allie’s latest live performance; Bauhaus Bühnenchor, which experiments with the all-girl kickline. This performance uses the kickline as a form with the potential to represent women’s collective and creative force, Bauhaus Bühnenchor imagines the experiences of Bauhaus female art students and chorus girls in Weimar, as well considering the context of dancing in a troupe today. The performance is a collaboration between artist Alison J Carr and Lucy Haighton, a movement artist and choreographer based in Sheffield.

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Allie in her Studio. Photo by Mark Howe.

Allie in her Studio. Photo by Mark Howe.

Katy Aston