Here at Fison Zair Studio we have a thing about colour!

We are in our element when we see our striking colour palettes combined together with intriguing materials. Creator Katy Aston quickly learned that her love of colour dominated her design process. Whilst studying, her inspirations developed from many contradictions; cityscapes and landscapes, old and new, 2D and 3D. Combined together with a colourful and bold aesthetic these concepts continue to be brought to life through products that playfully use colour to bring joy to everyday style.


Growing up on the outskirts of Sheffield, Katy gained the best of both worlds; being in the lively industrial city but close to the beautiful open countryside. She always had a creative flair and the imagination for design, but it wasn't until she studied for a degree and masters in textile design that her passion became more focused. Print and colour became crucial to the development of her work and she developed these skills, working worldwide within the textile industry from London to Glasgow, New York to Los Angeles and Copenhagen to Japan. After gaining invaluable experience at iconic companies including Paul Smith, Timorous Beasties, Tibi and John Lewis she returned home to set up her own design studio; Fison Zair.


The studio’s name is inspired by Katy’s Granddads; Fison and Isaiah ('Zair' for short). Despite the exotic sounding name they were true Yorkshire folk, skilled craftsmen in Sheffield Steel Works. (Pronounced F-eye-sun Z-air in proper northern accent!) Having an inquisitive and creative yet frugal lifestyle, they utilised, treasured and repaired everyday objects. Having never had the chance to meet them, Katy likes to think of her brand Fison Zair as a continuation of their skills and legacy, only set in a colourful contemporary world. Katy currently works from her garden studio in her hometown of Sheffield.